Who am I?

You should probably ask yourself about who is behind this blog? And so, here I am, Lorena, 19 years old and I am a student in International Business in an American Business School in Paris. 

Why did I decide to create and open this blog? I have decided to create this blog to be able to share my daily life and activities, my adventures, and my student life because you could face choices, possibilities and may be useful for you because you could recognize yourself.

I have always loved to share, and be able to give to others and being able to share many subjects such as travelling, makeup, cosmetics, dance and even many more subjects, all the pieces of advice that are going to be on this blog could be useful for you.

I am someone who detests not doing her best, I am always trying to do my best. That’s why on this blog I will try to give you pieces of advice on subjects that I know about.

Originally from the South of France, and as you may know it as the French Riviera, I grew up in a small town and so, I have been used to a Mediterranean climate, I do love heat and hot weather. After high school I went to Paris for my studies, I have joined The American Business School, and the climate is really different.


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