Want to change air? Want to travel? The answer is yes. I went to Melbourne for a week as you can read in the title.

After two weeks in Sydney, and as I am still on holidays I have decided to come to Melbourne. Not only to visit the city but also to visit a friend.

There are many things to know when wanting to travel within Australia, with domestics flights. There are many different companies and very interesting prices! You can travel for less than 100 Euros, you just need to find a good deal!! The more you will plan your trip the less you will pay. But that doesn’t mean that a last-minute decision will cost you more.

I flew from Sydney to Melbourne with Tigerair and I went back to Sydney with Jetstar.

Once arrived in Melbourne, I went to the city. To move in the city and around you’ll need a Myki card for $6. And then you can put how much you want on it. When arriving in Melbourne I have been submerged by the tall buildings, the number of tramways and the changing weather. I thought that Parisian weather was bipolar but in a few days in Melbourne, I have lived all sorts of weather.

If you want to have lunch or just eat in a nice street in the centre of Melbourne, I’ll recommend you to go to Degraves LaneThen I explore Melbourne and I’ve done a bit of shopping. The night we went to the Workshop, a nice flowery bar.

The day after, on Tuesday, we went to Brighton Beach, to see these typical nice boxes. There are so many boxes near to the Ocean, there are many colours and that was nice to look at. It was a beautiful day under the sun, and it had allowed us to enjoy the heat, the beach and the view.

Third day in Melbourne, and a shopping day under a beautiful and hot sun. A sunny day, big shopping centre, smoothies and transportation summarize pretty well my day.

Concerning my evening, I had the chance to discover the Queen Victoria Night Market.  It is a night market where you can find any kinds of stuff and from many different cultures. There were macarons, Italian food, you could find raclette too, kind of Nutella doughnuts and cotton candy shaped as rabbits! The atmosphere was great, music was being played liven there were strings of lights all over the place.

For my lasts days here, I rest a bit and enjoy visiting the city, and I have finished my day by a good dinner in Hardware Lane, which is a street where there is a lot of restaurants. The day after was a good day, during which I rested a lot before a good night out. We have been to the Veludo in St Kilda. The “happy hour” if I can say was really interesting. For student abroad, people that are overseas, it is always a good idea to go out but save money somehow.

For my last day, I had breakfast in a place that I already mentioned earlier in this article. Degraves Street, and a day full of calm before to fly back to Sydney. 

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