To start with, I wanted to let you know how has been my first week overseas. To come to Sydney I had a very long flight, it was 28 hours long. I had to change plane in London then I had a break to clean the plane in Singapore. So 3 different planes, to arrive here in SYDNEY!! But I MADE IT!! 

Once arrived and getting out of the airport in Sydney I was boiling, my body was dying I was wearing winter clothes and here it was more than 30 degrees.

Being here and sit on the front seat but on the left was so strange. Obviously, you will all be able to guess that I have been shopping on my two firsts days here. I hadn’t enough clothes. I didn’t bring a bikini and I didn’t bring any shorts. So, I got that fixed, and as soon as I could.

Over here, I obviously went to Mecca and Sephora which are makeup shops. And as something you need to know on me, is that makeup and me is a love story! And you are probably wondering why do I start talking about shopping. You must be wondering if for a week I have only been shopping. And the answer is, NO!!

I also visited Sydney, I went to my University, to be used to the trains and transportation. I went to the must-sees here. The Opera House was a dream for me !!

Bikini, shorts, suncream and going to the beach are things that sum up quite well that it is summer over here !!

In a week I have done a lot of stuff, I visited Sydney as a real tourist, I went to Bondi Beach and Coogee Beach, but I also went to beautiful outbreathing places, such as Palm Beach. 

I also celebrated Australian Day here, and in one of the famous places in Sydney, in Darling Harbor. The fireworks in Sydney are amazing!

Sydney is a wonderful city, you need an Opal card to move around, there are buses, trains or Uber if you prefer. There so much to do in Down Under. Especially in visiting huge, amazing places and wonderful landscapes. To me, Sydney and its suburb are amazing because it is to me, a great mix between the city itself and it is full of greenery and that is really attractive in such a big city.

Sydney is really a city in which you can feel safe, and do a lot. It also not far from many places you can travel to, such as Melbourne.

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