In this article, I will tell you first that I am in nothing a professional. I am using some tools that we all are using every day. My cell phone which is very essential. I have the iPhoneX, I am using it as an agenda, as a camera, and what it has been made for, as a phone. I am also using a MacbookPro 13″, which is for me my best tool and it is helping me every day to have a better look at my work. I am using it to work on different social media and help me in my study. My computer is my best tool.

I am also using the Go Pro Hero 7 Silver, which has been one of my latest purchase. And it was a compulsive purchase, and with it, I have been able to “play” a bit with it. I have been able to enjoy filming and create myself a lot of great memories. With this purchase, I will be able to create myself a lot of memories, to film landscapes, golden memories, and it will allow me to realize many beautiful projects.

And you will see and learn more about my projects in the articles to come.


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