Going abroad is really important for me, I am passionate about travelling, I have always wanted to travel since my younger age. Discover, learn, meet new people are really stuff that I am passionate about. I had the chance to travelled when I was younger with my parents, they give me a taste of travelling, I and share their passion for travelling and now I don’t want to stop for now. Travelling has helped me in learning on other countries but has helped me in improving my English. This language is now a part of my daily life as my studies are 100% in English. I had the opportunities to go to Ireland when I was 13 in a host family and it has taught me a lot on myself, my love for the English language but also on my passion on going abroad and discover new landscaped, cities and countries. I am not going to tell you the story of my life and everything I have done to improve my English, I might talk about that in another article!

To come back to the main subject, and for the little piece of information, I went to Washington D.C. two years ago, to improve my English and be ready to start my studies which would be in English.

After I went to Washington for three weeks, my English got better and I felt much more comfortable in speaking it, and it is after May 2018 that I have decided to go far away from France for my studies… And so, I am leaving for Australia for the semester coming. I needed to go away, we are all facing this feeling at a point in our lives, that we need to change, to turn pages, and leave stuff behind us, and this time has arrived for me, to go and discover the world and face new adventures. If you are asking yourself questions on places to go to, on travelling or even on school, the first important thing you need to know, is to ask yourself the goods questions and to get the rights information.

After all, the world is huge and vast, I’d love to explore every little part of it. Australia is for me the opportunity to discover life in this country, habits but also visit everything that there is around. When choosing where to go in vacation, it is important to think on what you are searching for, the thing that you may like to do or visit, such as stay in town, going to the mountain or just enjoy shopping! As we say, time flies, so if you like to travel do everything you can to do it, don’t lose time. We are losing time easily every day, so take the chance to travel if you can.

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